It was love at first sight

I had my own firm. I organized events. One day some clients came into my office.They wanted the organization of special event to celebrate the 50–year anniversary of the establishment of their company. I was very exited about it. At that time my life was related to my job only. I was focused on the development to my firm. The event that I had to organize was the biggest in my career. I was compleatly in love with my job.
The event was to take place in a day but the day before it I had to welcome one of the main participants at the airport. He was from France. I had never seen him before and I didn‘t know what he looked like. One of my colleagues and I went to the airport. She was also my close friend. When we reached the airport the plain had already landed. My colleague wondered if we would be able to recognize our guest. I told her: „Don‘t worry I am sure that we wil.“Then she asked me: „How come you are so sure, have you see him before?“ I said:“No, I have not but you will see that we will recognize him at once.“

We waited for a long time, it was full of people. Suddenly, I splove at first sightotted our guest. I said to my friend: „Here he is!“ She looked at me with wide open eyes. Our guest was unbelievably handsome. That was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw him. A smile lingered on my face. We stood there, looking at each other. I looked into his eyes and I was almost hypnotized. It seemed to me that I was staring into his eyes for hours. After I checked myself I went on: „Hello Mr. Exupery, how was your flight?“ “Very nice, thank you.“ I left my colleague go on with the conversation, because I was not able to talk anymore. I was trying to figure out what had just happened.

We took him to the hotel. After that we had to go to dinner together with our handsome guest and some other people from the event. We went to the restaurant. I was very nervous. He was sitting opposite me. We stood there, looking at each other, talking about everything. When the dinner was over I went home. I couldn’t sleep that night at all. I was so excited. On the next day was the anniversary. Everything passed very well, me and Mr. Exupery exchanging glances all the time. When everything was over I saw him off to the airport and he told me: “I want to see you again I think there is something special between us.” At that moment I was the happiest woman in the world because I had just experienced love at first sight!